What does it take to be an executive? Are you leadership material?

Naturally, there is a certain level of technical skill you must acquire to reach a senior or executive level position in your industry. The question is, once you have that level of technical skill, how do you differentiate yourself from every other professional with a comparable level of technical skill?

This is where focusing on your leadership brand, presence, communication, mindset and relationship-building will help you stand out. These areas, the soft skills side of your professional development, are blindspots that people often blanket with assumptions and hope to get right. Usually, they get it wrong.

Who are we?

At Executive Impressions, our vision and purpose is to create authentic, courageous leaders. We do that by taking the focus away from technical skills and putting it on areas that will help you stand out the most. Our focus areas include

  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Leadership presence
  • Personal branding for leaders (aka, leadership branding)
  • Communication
  • Self-leadership and mindset
  • Relationship-building and networking
  • Credibility and reputation
  • When you have strength and congruence in these areas, you can excel in your field and perform at a higher, more influential level.

    Executive Impressions was established in 2012 by Kara Ronin in Lyon, France. We are now based in Perth, Australia but work with clients all over the world. As an international executive coaching and leadership development consultancy, we empower aspiring leaders to reach leadership positions and transform leaders into influencers.

    Why we do it?

    We believe that anybody can be a leader. This belief fuelled our founder, Kara Ronin, to create Executive Impressions and for the past six years she has worked with aspiring and current leaders, empowering and transforming them into becoming a stronger, more refined and successful version of themselves.

    How we do it?

    Through in-person and online executive coaching, workshops, and video courses, we help our clients build their presence, credibility, reputation, influence and leadership skill in business.

    We work with individuals who are driven and want to take charge of their leadership development. We also work with companies who want to invest in tailored training for their team.

    With a unique expertise in leadership, business etiquette, cross-cultural communication and social skills for business, Kara will help you grow into the high-performing executive and authentic leader you’re meant to be.


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    Client Feedback

    HHG Legal Group logo

    “We recently engaged Kara to run ‘introduction to leadership’ style seminars for all of our junior to intermediate professional staff. This was plugged into HHG Legal Group’s PYLOT (Preparing Your Lawyers of Tomorrow) performance development program. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we will use Kara again.” Simon Creek, CEO, HHG Legal Group

    Bendigo Bank Logo

    “After attending Kara’s Leadership Presence Masterclass, I sent along several people from my team. As a result, their presentation and interactions are more polished, and this is having a positive impact on their confidence. I am glad I gave my team this opportunity. If you’re looking for someone to help your team build their presence as a leader, I would definitely recommend Kara’s workshop.” Mi-Lin Finnie, Regional Manager, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

    Country Wide Insurance Brokers logo

    “Without knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised at the content we covered in such a short session. Kara’s delivery made it easy to apply to my current situation and identify areas of weakness that I can improve on. Definitely would recommend, it was time well invested” Alanah Jenkin, Senior Account Manager, Country Wide Insurance Brokers

    GBS Logo

    “Mrs Ronin drew from her international experience to provide students with a structured approach and some solid practical advice. She shared invaluable tips and motivated students.” Pierre Hugot, Geneva Business School Career Support Centre

    Liberty Executive Offices logo

    “Having worked in a leadership role for a number of years and having already completed many leadership and customer service training courses and events, I was pleasantly surprised by how much new information and many new techniques I took away from Kara’s Leadership Presence Half-Day Masterclass. In such a short space of time, Kara covered multiple important topics and provided helpful and practical advice that I found easy to implement. I highly recommend anyone in a leadership role attend the course regardless of their experience and field”. Madeline Rimmer, Operations Director, Liberty Executive Offices, Perth, Australia.


    “Kara is an engaging presenter and our members who were present at the luncheon walked away feeling better equipped to do business with people from China and India in a polite and professional manner. If I find myself travelling to China or India, I’ll know who to call !” John Campbell, President of International Financial Management Association (IFMA), Geneva

    Here’s What Others Say

    “Since I started working with Kara in her Executive Style and Grooming Program, I have more clarity around my leadership style and goals. This clarity has given me more confidence and far more strategic and deliberate decision making. The practical advice that Kara gave has helped me develop the leadership style that I want to emanate. I felt that Kara really listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a course that was spot on. It is well priced for the content and structure and I definitely see the benefit in having completed this program. I would highly recommend this course and Kara’s coaching to my colleagues.” – Nikita, Senior Associate, MDC Legal.

    “ I run my own law firm, manage a successful team, and decided this year was the time to finally invest in myself. I wanted to perfect what I had identified as pressure points. I began working with Kara looking to boost my confidence, project authority better in high-pressure situations (like representing my clients in court), and to feel more on-top of my schedule and time management. Because of our coaching sessions, I now feel more confident and empowered in my professional life. I communicate with more clarity and less self-doubt. I’ve also improved my networking ability (which is something I always avoided before). Kara is a talented coach. She is dedicated, generous and genuinely cares. I’m so glad I decided to work with her and unequivocally recommend her services.” – Lynette, Principal of Ideal Legal Services, Notary Public, Lawyer.

    “The leadership presence workshop with Kara was a real eye opener, I learned a lot about myself and some of the weaknesses I have, this was daunting at first. Embracing the simple but effective strategies Kara taught me has helped address these weaknesses and I’m now working to improve my leadership presence every day. I highly recommend anyone to give this workshop a go!” – Darren, Partner, Woollet Partners.

    “ I registered for the Leadership Presence Masterclass to further my skill-set and have greater self-awareness. This workshop is 5-star! I learned great foundations on which to build and grow my leadership skills – and I’m keen to get going on my body language!” ” – Wendy, Tax & Accounting Manager, Tilenni, Stiles & Associates.

    “I registered for the Leadership Communication Masterclass to get some specific feedback on how to be assertive. The best part of this workshop was learning how to conquer my fears & limiting beliefs. This workshop will help me become more reflective of my communication style.” – Heather, HSEQ Manager at Otraco International.

    “Many Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience with the recent Leadership Presence Masterclass I attended. I thought the topics covered, resources provided & your engaging presenting style will assist with my leadership development plan. I have recommended & provided feedback internally to our leadership teams to assist other colleagues within Business & Private Bank with their leadership development.” – Dean, Asset Finance Business Development Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia.

    “This business etiquette course was extremely useful for a young woman who is starting her career in the financial industry. I would highly recommend it to other in the same position.”

    “The Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass has subtle but extremely powerful tips that add value to communication, and foster a win-win relationship. It is said that only geniuses see the obvious, and this course addresses details by which we have gone unnoticed, and neglected.”